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Pictorial tutorial Lumion 12

The visual guide is a document intended for viewing or printing (the printed vere will be ordered later), which contains a more or less complete guide to Lumion in version 12. Sometimes the videos are simply annoying, or you don’t have the opportunity and peace of mind to watch them, that’s why we returned to this form of instructions as well. Here you don’t have to pause anything, you don’t have to rush and you have the opportunity to try everything in peace. We have prepared the instructions a little beyond the scope of normal technical support, so it is a small bonus from us for users. We don’t want any exact amount for it (you can leave EUR/CZK 0), but the 189 pages took a little work, so if you want to donate, we will be very happy and grateful. It will also be a motivation to do a similar thing next time with the next version of the program. 🙂

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